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Lhotecká 6, Trutnov, 541 01

+420 770 660 610

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Bike Rental

We will be happy to lend you a bike according to the following rules:

Bikes are rented for the whole day, i.e., 9.00-18.00. If you rent a bike for several days, the bike must be returned to the Base every evening at 18.00. If you would like to rent a bike overnight, please contact us to arrange individual terms.

Before renting a bike, you will be familiarized with its technical condition, receive a brief instruction, and sign a bike rental agreement with us. The deposit can only be paid in cash (the deposit amount is displayed when booking a bike). We do not accept any other items as a deposit (mobile phone, bike, car keys, etc.)!

Please be prepared for this, otherwise, the bike will not be rented to you.

If you return the bike late without an excuse, we will charge you an additional rental fee according to the price list (reservation terms in the reservation system).

If you return the bike damaged, you will be charged a fine - see the bike rental agreement you sign with us.

For each rented bike, two identification documents must be provided.

Each client can rent only one bike under their name (of course, you can reserve more).

The bike is equipped with platform pedals. If you wish to have SPD pedals, please let us know in advance and preferably bring your own (we have a limited number) to ensure compatibility with your shoes. We will help you with the installation.

Please be prepared that the bike return process will take a few minutes.

If the bike is heavily soiled, we need to rinse it off first.

We then have to inspect and test all bikes. If multiple customers return bikes in quick succession, the waiting time may be extended.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you cannot find answers to your questions on our website, or if something is unclear, please email or call +420 770 660 610 during the opening hours of the Information Center (bike availability and reservation cannot be made over the phone). We look forward to you using our services and trying out the new SCOTT models.