Trutnov Trails

Network of mountain bike trails near Trutnov in the area of Čížkovy kameny and Jestřebí hory

Situation on the trails

Season ended, trails are closed until April 2018. We look forward to see you in the new season 2018.

We currently have about 17 kilometers of natural single trail of varying difficulty in the area of Čížkovy kameny and Jestřebí hory. An interesting feature of this place is changeable character of local hilly landscape, which is full of sandstone boulders, rocks, forests, grassland so it´s awesome place for mountain biking. Prospectively we want to offer up to 60 km memorable trails with varying degrees of difficulty. The starting point is Information centre in the village near Trutnov Lhota, a second starting point of trails is parking Pod Sedmidomím.

Ride on trails can be complemented by cycling around the area . You can go to Krkonoše, Adršpach, Babiččino údolí, Žacléřsko, Rýchory or visit for example Broumovsko. In our region in recent years has grown several lookout towers, the closest is Slavětínská, but others are within driving distance.

Come and try a new attractive location that will surprise you. We operate the first year, so please take some things with reserve…

Trails map

Wandering has its charm in the 21st century, but do not exaggerate, and therefore we have prepared an overall map.

Pánsky stoupák

Length: 3.4 km
Difficulty: ­­­ Starting trail
So far, only rising trail, which partly uses boning mastery of our ancestors on the old manor road, which leads you to the beginning of the trails to the crossroads u Jeskyňky.

Bunkr trail

Length: 3.2 km
Difficulty: ­­­ Easy trail
Panoramic trail from Bezděkov to the Lhota. In 2015 was extended for a technical red passage over the Lhota and this year will be completed the next section under the Slavětínska rozhledna. Then the length exceeds 5 km.

Kozí trail

Length: 2.5 km
Difficulty: ­­­ Easy trail
Kozí trail has now been in operation about 2.5 km and offers the smoothest ride for less experienced bikers. A novelty is a kilometer long flow IMBA section. In the future it after 5 kilometers takes up to Sedmidomí.

Modřínový trail

Length: 3.3 km
Difficulty: ­­­ Medium difficult trail
First implemented in Trutnov trail. Rather rawer, but boldest places usually have a ‘women’ line. This year were made modifications in the bottom Flinstone section that will entertain you.

Trail Pod Jeskyňkou

Length: 2 km
Difficulty: ­­­ Hard trail
Much tuned raw downhill trail. Begins with descent of the old staircase with the possibility to go around him. Significantly redesigned the middle and lower part now offers nearly 2 km of uninterrupted entertainment. New Whistler section has two lines and it is a challenge for extra able bikers.

bike-park-vlckaBike park Vlčka

FR and DH riding with many jumps and berms, near the center of Trutnov in the popular sports site Paradráha. Park is accessible by car. In the direction of Starý Rokytník and Úpice. Bike park is focused at a more technical ride with many jumps and berms, and although it is on a relatively small space, offers FR and DH riders o lot of lines. From pumping for beginners to lines for experienced riders. Every Tuesday during the season there are organized rides.

More information about bike park, Krakonošovi jezdci association and organized events can be found on their official Facebook page.

Operating Regulations Trutnov Trails

  1. Read the list with difficulty of trails, ride according to your abilities.
  2. Before ride, check the technical condition of your bike and repair any defects.
  3. During riding always wear a helmet, appropriate clothing and equipment (gloves and pads).
  4. Watch signs, respect visiting hours and possible closures.
  5. Trails are mostly unidirectional, please ride in the indicated direction.
  6. Do not ride alone and have charged mobile phone.
  7. Keep sufficient distance in a group so that you will always be able to react in time.
  8. Arrests only appropriate and well-arranged locations, release immediately the passage trails.
  1. Difficult place first view, it is not a shame to pass or choose an alternative route.
  2. Be watchful when driving on wet or unstable surface.
  3. When the wood elements are wet, it can be sliding, in such a situation, drive carefully.
  4. Ride along the inside part of the trail, so you prevent its destruction.
  5. Be considerate of other users of trails, in areas overlapping with the tourist route have pedestrian priority!
  6. On the map and in the terrain are marked trauma points for paramedics. Maps TT has Ambulance Trutnov. In the case of an accident is used to locate and navigate to the injured biker.

Naši partneři

Bez pomoci a finančí podpory by to nešlo, děkujeme našim partnerům a podporovatelům:

  • Město Trutnov
  • Královéhradecký kraj
  • Lesy ČR
  • Lesy a parky Trutnov
  • Auto Trutnov
  • Mitas
  • Čemba
  • Pila Kužel
  • Aquavit
  • Acepac
  • SaarGummi
  • Isolit-Bravo, spol. s r.o.
  • Šlégr
  • CSI DISTRI, s.r.o.
  • Fiskars
  • obec Velké Svatoňovice
  • Rychlebské stezky
  • SINGLETRAIL Moravský kras