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Support us

You hold your fingers crossed? You support us? Let’s make it known!

Support us

You can donate any amount
on account of the association
Trutnov Trails
Fio banka 2300594225/2010.

Thank you

Driving on the Trutnov Trails is for free, but if you like trails, we will be very happy when you will support our activities.

Contribute to building and maintaining trail can you purchase a monthly or yearly permit in Information centre Lhota or sending any financial amount to the bank account of the association led by Fio banka 2300594225/2010.

If you are interested in becoming a partner or Participant Trutnov Trails project and strongly support us, please contact us.

You can also support us with active participation in voluntary work in Trutnov growing community of bikers. Every hand is count, and we trust that we are not alone in this crazy project.

Thanks for your support and sharing.

Information about brigades

We will be very happy if you support us by participating in voluntary work:

Aktuální uzavírky na TT

Ahoj bajkeři, zde Vás chceme upozornit na uzavírky na TT. Zatím je zavřeno, takže uzavírka je všude 🙂 PS - Floutek je od slova flow, to znamená, že tam prakticky není potřeba brzdit. Zvlášť v [...]

Parkování a pravidla na Trutnov Trails 2021

PRAVIDLA PARKOVÁNÍ JEDINÉ MOŽNÉ PARKOVIŠTĚ PRO TT JE ZDE, všechna ostatní parkoviště vč. Sedmidomí jsou ZAVŘENÁ. Díky skvělé spolupráci s městem Trutnov a společností ČEZ bude fungovat záchytné parkoviště u „Mrtvého jezera“ před Lhotou NA [...]

Situation on the trails

Season ended, trails are closed until April 2018. We look forward to see you in the new season 2018.

About the association Trutnov Trails

How it started…

Project Trutnov bike enthusiasts started during summer 2013 only as an attempt to map the MTB terrain “on the hill behind the house.” And it turns out that the potential of Čížkovy kameny along with other nearby locations is fantastic.
So we started trying to figure ways to achieve and then implement a network of off-road cycle routes (singletrails) near Trutnov, we spent countless hours with exploring the amazing places and inventing future routes, and cleaning the first meters of the trail. The functioning of the area at that time we had only the vaguest idea and we kept calm, that “if this fails, will stay at least a couple illegal trails in the woods.” More specific ideas we got after we found already functioning Singltrek pod Smrkem and Rychlebské stezky.

The decisive impulse was negotiations with Lesy ČR. We started to look after foreign inspiration, but turning point was the visit of the RS and especially meeting with their creator Pavel Horník. The finding that there is someone “more disabled” – a man with great enthusiasm that we selflessly offered extra help and his hard-won experience, catapulting us to the next endeavor.

The next logical step was the establishment of the association in spring 2014 Trutnov Trails, which was created a diverse community of active and enthusiastic biker of all ages and we commenced negotiations with landowners, authorities and potential partners. Things started to move. On the hills were hundreds of voluntary hours worked and from Trutnov woods were born first nature trails. Gradually supported us main partners – Lesy ČR, Hradec Kralove Region, City Trutnov, Trutnov parks and forests and Giant.

Autumn bit hectic, but still a very successful opening Trail kicked off zero-season of testing Trutnov Trails. It showed that our idea approached a lot of bikers, not only local but also cross-country and even abroad. Your feedback is our support, motivation and commitment. First real season TT enters a new markings, an expanded selection of tracks and additional services. In the coming years we want to offer efficient trailcentrum and expand trails on Jestřebí and Vraní hory up to 60 km. And we believe that with your support we get the work done.

Naši partneři

Bez pomoci a finančí podpory by to nešlo, děkujeme našim partnerům a podporovatelům:

  • Město Trutnov
  • Královéhradecký kraj
  • Lesy ČR
  • Lesy a parky Trutnov
  • Auto Trutnov
  • Mitas
  • Čemba
  • Pila Kužel
  • Aquavit
  • Acepac
  • SaarGummi
  • Isolit-Bravo, spol. s r.o.
  • Šlégr
  • CSI DISTRI, s.r.o.
  • Fiskars
  • obec Velké Svatoňovice
  • Rychlebské stezky
  • SINGLETRAIL Moravský kras