Information centre Lhota

If you go on the trails for the first time, you should start right there.


Trailcentrum Lhota u Trutnova
Lhotecká 6,  Trutnov 541 01
+420 770 660 610

Otevírací doba infocentra:
Půjčení kol je možné v kterýkoliv den po předchozí rezervaci.

IC během letních prázdnin:

kromě pondělí každý den 9:00 – 17:00

IC mimo letní prázdniny:

pátek, sobota, neděle 9:00 – 17:00

Otevírací doba hospody:

kromě pondělí každý den 11:00 – 22:00

Information centre is located in the village of Lhota near Trutnov in the local pub. The holiday season is usually open on weekends and offers:

  • Inforinformation about trails and surroundings,
  • Sale of maps, promotional items and permit support trailbuilding in Trutnov,
  • Basic supplies for cyclists,
  • Giant bicycle rental,
  • Possibility to wash your bike,
  • parking.

Information centre is the main starting point of trails, the second place is located at the parking under Sedmidomím, see map.

Lhotecká pub is open on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It offers you the possibility of a pleasant village gathering with refreshments – awesome beer, lemonades, soups, ready meals, smoked sausages and many other delicacies.

Rental bike Giant

Thanks to cooperation with Giant, we can offer top test bikes.

We offer a full suspension models 27.5 with different strokes, because we want to give you an opportunity to try trail riding as it should be, without having to invest in equipment dozens of euros. If you do not use it every day, or even just the possibility to arrive on holiday to Krkonoše and one day put in the cycling spirit, whether just on the trails or in the wonderful surroundings.

Available is a set of bikes, see table below, from which you can choose and book a bike. Except this we organize testing days in cooperation with company Progress Cycle – the exclusive importer of Giant Bicycle and Prolog Bike shop in Trutnov.

Model Size Travel Price per day Deposit
GIANT TRANCE 2 2018, Red S 140 mm 800 Kč 5.000 Kč
GIANT TRANCE 2 2018, Red M 140 mm 800 Kč  5.000 Kč
GIANT TRANCE 2 2018, Red L 140 mm 800 Kč  5.000 Kč
GIANT REIGN 2 GE 2018, black-green S 160 mm 800 Kč  5.000 Kč
GIANT REIGN 2 GE 2018, black-green M 160 mm 800 Kč  5.000 Kč
GIANT REIGN 2 GE 2018, black-green L 160 mm 800 Kč  5.000 Kč
GIANT ANTHEM 2017, black-blue M 120 mm 700 Kč  4.000 Kč
LIV EMBOLDEN 1 LTD 2017 M 120 mm 700 Kč  4.000 Kč
GIANT TRANCE / SRAM EAGLE M 140 mm 1000 Kč  10.000 Kč
GIANT TRANCE / SRAM EAGLE L 140 mm 1000 Kč  10.000 Kč

Lending Regulations

We will be happy to lend you the bikes under the following rules:

1. Reservation
Bikes can be reserved by phone or e-mail, see contacts. It is also possible to arrive to the Trailcentrum Lhota without reservation. You run the risk, however, that the bicycle will already be booked or rented by another biker.

2. Conditions of reservation
Bikes can be rented only for the whole day, i.e. from 9 am to 6 pm (if not agreed otherwise). When booking, you must state your contact information: tel. number, e-mail, date of reservation, model and size of bike. If the bike is not without justification picked up in 20 minutes of the agreed time, the reservation is considered as canceled.

3. Lending agreement
To rent a bike is necessary to sign the lending agreement.

4. Documents identity
To borrow bikes you must present a proof of identity (identity card, passport, driving license). We do not accept health insurance cards, etc.

5. Charge / rentals
The rental is set at 800 CZK / day or 1000 CZK / day in cash, according to your chosen bike. In the event that the lending period will not beobserve without any objective reason will be charged a fee of 50% of the rental.

6. Deposit
In addition to the rental for each bike designed refundable deposit of 5.000 CZK or 10.000 CZK in cash, according to the selected bike. If the bike is returned in alright and undamaged, the deposit will be refunded in full. As Deposit is possible only cash, not any valuable items.

7. Technical condition
When you pass the bike We will show you its technical condition. As well as you can in your own interest, always check the bike in order to avoid potential misunderstandings later in the case of damage the bike.

8. Damage of the bike
If you return the bike damaged in any way, this damage will be covered from the Deposit, see agreement. In the event of damage is higher than the deposit will be solved individually. We anticipate that this measure is in no way a means to make money, but absolute necessity. Such a thing will always solved at the lowest possible price.

9. Bike equipment
You will get bicycle pedals of your choice. MTB pedals Shimano SPD or platform. In the future available helmets or other accessories according to your more frequent requirements.

Naši partneři

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